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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Overflow of Fabric

OMG I was just in my craft room hanging up some of my fabric and for kicks I counted all of the hangers. There are over 100 hangers of fabric hanging on one side of my hallway and there is still more to hang.

This is one side of my hallway/closet in my craft room. There are over 100 hangers of fabric here.

This is a box of fabric that I still need to hang. Oh my gosh what have I done. lol

Have you ever cut your fabric and then just tossed it. That is what this pile is. I need to get out of that habit.

Anyone want to help me organize all of this. lol


Mannie Vincent said...

YAY for fabric overload! (:

Anonymous said...

Oh my.....but I have exactly the same problem. I buy so much fabric then look in horror at what I have and what I haven't done anything with yet.

I buy mostly from, an online store that has incredible fabrics and always seems to have a sale going on.

If you want to have a look, click here (but sorry if it doesn't computer sills aren't great):