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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Feature Bailey's Basics

Today I would like to feature a great seller by the name of Andrea. I had the pleasure of receiving several samples for a show that I am doing and, well, I had to sample the samples. She sent me Lotion Bars, Tub Cleaner and Laundry Soap. Well the lotion is great for my daughters eczema and the tub cleaner, well, lets just say my scummy rental tub is now clean. I have not used the Laundry Soap yet but I will. This shop is just great. Now a little from Andrea.

What is your shop name and what do you sell?
Our shop is Baileys Basics, and we sell natural health and cleaning products, herbal products, and will soon feature some sewn goodies.

What is your shop's URL?, or you can just use and it’s linked right to Etsy

When did you start selling on Etsy?
We posted our first items in July 2008

What is your favorite thing about Etsy?
The wide variety of items available, and the quality of most of the handcrafted items!

What is your favorite thing about what you sell?
That it’s all natural! Everything in our shop is chemical free, and the only fragrances are from essential oils. It’s all good for you, good for your home, and good for the environment!

What is your favorite item in your own shop and why?
I personally love the skin salve, and any of the teas.

What teams do you belong to?
We’ve applied to join the Christian Artists Street Team (CAST), so we’re waiting to see about that.

What is the most fun thing you do to promote your shop?
My mother took some of our products to an event she was helping with and sold them there. We offered gift boxes for auction there, too, and made samples to offer. It was lots of fun to get such a big effort organized and spend a few weeks making everything. It was stressful, but a great experience!

What are some of your favorite finds by other sellers on Etsy?
I just received some great earrings from amberpurejoy, and a candle that smells great. And we both absolutely love soaps from agoodwitchtoo. I really like caughtredhanded and theblackapple, too!

What do you do in your spare time?
What is that??! We both have full-time jobs and Brian runs a computer repair business, too, so we’re seriously busy people. But, we enjoy spending time with our families, having friends over, and being outside on gorgeous fall days! I love to cook, too.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?
I’d just like to thank everyone for being so friendly, kind, and willing to help! We’ve had a great experience on Etsy so far, and look forward to growing our little shop in the future. Thanks for featuring us!


Baileys Basics said...

Thanks so much for a great post about our shop! It's so fun to meet such nice people! Have a great Friday

agoodwitchtoo said...

The lotion bars from Baileys Basics are wonderful! My real job zaps the moisture from my hands and arms... But I use that lovely little lotion bar and my skin feels fabulous again!

Great feature!

PitBullLadyDesigns said...


You have a cool blog!