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Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Feature Happy Halloween

Well, first off I am in the process of getting ready for a show in the morning and totally forgot about the Friday Feature. So I don't have an interview available. But I do have some Halloween favorites.

First we have HorrorDecor with their great horror items everything from eyeball candles to bloody Christmas stockings.

Next is FoldedPigs with there spooky dinnerware. You can get brain plates and skull plates in this shop.

SistersOfTheMoon has some awesome scary head gear. Glowing Skeleton hand clips and skull headbands. Oh there is more in this shop folks check it out.

The last shop on my list is MistysCreations, this is not a Halloween shop but they do get in the mood. Check out these Weeping earrings and this Blood Thirsty Man print.

Well those are some great shops to get your spook on in. But hey Etsy is full of spooky stuff you just have to look for it.

Sorry no pics today of the items. Click on the links and be ready to fantasize.

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