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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ugghhh Court

Well today was another Friend of the Court Hearing. I really hate going to those. Well today's was my own fault as I am ordered to pay m y ex-husband support and I didn't do it when I was off work. OOPS my bad. Not like he ever does anything to help me. Just causes me headaches, I asked him to switch vehicles with me cause he is a mechanic and is trying to sell his van. I was like ummmm lets just switch vehicles, you will have a newer one that with a little bit of work (that he keeps promising me he will do for me) will gain him more money than the one he is currently trying to sell. Seriously, I do not know what the deal is. OK So we are also going to court to get my support payments reduced to a more manageable amount and for whatever reason they hauled my butt in on a Show Cause warrant when we have yet to go back to court to determine the new payment amounts. Jerks anyways. The thing is that when the new amount is determined it is retro active to February. I tell ya Friend of the Court is STUPID.

OK Rant over, back to your regularly scheduled show.

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