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Thursday, June 25, 2009


God how I hate the inevitable paperwork. So I will admit it, I get assistance with childcare so that I can work. Well recently the state of Michigan decided that they don't trust the daycare people and want the parents to verify hours. Whatever, why should they trust me? lol Anyway, to do this you need a pin number and you need to know when you worked and when your kid was at daycare and blah, blah, blah. So they never sent me my pin number thanks to my caseworker screwing up my approved dates for daycare. I have been fighting with this stupid government for ummmm a month at least to get a pin number because if I do not verify hours my daycare lady does not get paid. So basically the poor woman has not gotten paid for watching April in over a month. Poor lady, I am so glad that she is understanding. Well anyway, I got my pin number yesterday. Should be good to go right? Wrong, I now need to have the times when April was dropped off at daycare after school and when someone else like my boyfriend picked her up from daycare. Of course I have no clue of these times cause ummmmm, I am a bad mom and don't pay attention. lol So now I wait again to talk to the daycare lady and get these hours so we match up. Cause guess what if she reports different hours than I do ummmmm she doesn't get paid.

OK Off my soap box.

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