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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Need a Little Help Here...

I am asking for help from all of my friendly neighborhood knitters and crocheters. I am planning to make a sturdy bag for knitters/crocheters to take with them with all of their supplies in it. My dilemma is this, when I crochet, I take 3 maybe 4 things with me, yarn, scissors, tape measure and hook. What all do you take with you when you knit or crochet on the run? What would you want to see in a craft bag as far as pockets and such? Let me know and be entered in a drawing for your own bag. (Once I get it made of course) ;)

If you want to be entered in the drawing, make sure to include a way for me to contact you.

The drawing will run until 2/13/09

If you are unable to leave a comment feel free to send me a convo through etsy at


Lona said...

Yarn, hook, yarn, small scissors, yarn, and sometimes a pack of yarn needles. And a book.

Lona at

Great giveaway!

Zappyturtle said...

I'd like to see a top over where the needles or hook would go so they don't slide out.
As far as what I'd have yarn, scissors, and possible a pattern(if I ever learn to read those=)

ndnchick said...

I'm new to knitting but when I take stuff with me I take about 3-4 different yarns, needles, a hook, scissors, needle and a pattern book.

Tracy Simmons said...

I'd like to see it be sturdy enough and big enough to put everything in it that I'd want to take with me, which would include a book and a bottle of water in addition to the usual supplies! That way I'd only need one bag for everything!

KaHolly said...

And a secured pocket for all the little things, like stitch markers, tips for the ends of needles, etc. What a fantabulous idea!

Jen said...

Well...I'm a loom knitter (knitting loom or knitting wheel) and I would need to be able to put my loom it (I have 6 but really only use my 3 smaller circle looms), yarn, my knitting tool, crochet hook, scissors, measuring tape and my pattern (if I'm using one).

Cand said...

I's really love a bog that could hold ALL of my stuff. I usually have a couple skeins of yarn, two or three circular needles, a small pair of scissors and stitch markers, but I'd love if it was divided somehow and had room for my personal stuff like my wallet, iPod and cell phone. It would be a bonus if those things were easily accessible, maybe in an outside pocket.I would love for it to come with either an inside zippered pocket for the small bits (like stitch markers) or maybe a little matching bag that I could just throw inside the larger bag. Organization is a must though! I cant stand having to untangle yarn or search for the scissors, so I would LOVE little compartments.

my7kids said...

I sometimes take a book, so a wide elastic to hold it out of the way would be good.
--I take yarn (almost always in a center-pull ball),
--DPNs (so a long skinny pocket for them would be nice)
--A pocket to hold a folded pattern (or my DL and Debit cards)
and another small, inner pocket (perhaps with zipper) to hold yarn needles
--an outer, small pocket for cell phone
--a long strap (45" or more) for cross-body carry so the bag doesn't keep slipping off my shoulder, as I walk and knit at the same time.
--Not too large (maybe the size of a hardcover book)

Great goveaway! Thanks!

jesus_iscomin AT yahoo DOT com
My Thoughts on Live, Yarn, Kids, and Other Stuff

Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Great idea, Jenni! I LOVE project bags for my crochet! I often have at least two projects I'm working on at once, so I like a good sized tote. Maybe a tote with a "divider" inside to make two sections. And I like to have lots of pockets inside (like maybe three large pockets around on each side). I tend to carry the yarn for my projects, my hook holder, small scissors, a book, and a notebook (for when all the great ideas come to mind or when I need to remember something or when I have to remember to ask my grandmother something about a pattern, lol).


Nathalie Brault said...

Hi Mondry, great giveaway,
wow a bag where I could put everything like :
scissors, 3 skeins of yarn, 3 sets of needles, a pattern book in a side pocket would be nice, ans another pocket for the smaller things like stitch markers, needle point covers and such, yes a place for my cell and ipod would also be nice. I would love mine to be in the blues or firey orange colors.

Nathalie Brault said...

Nathalie brault that was me I forgot to give you my email,

JuliaA said...

i'd love to see a bag that had a little side compartment for knitting accessories. i have a little separate bag for scissors, stitch markers, measuring tape, and tapestry needles. it fits a crochet hook, some dpns and a circular needle, too, which is nice.

otherwise, yarn and a pattern, and a little notebook and pen for notes about stitches and gauge.

Anonymous said...

Right now I am using a med. sized tote with tools in a smaller zippered bag inside. I'm a crocheter and a beginning knitter. I think it might be best to specialize different bags for crocheting and knitting.

For crochet big enough to hold a small baby blanket sized project w/an extra skein. Some kind of inside pocket for tools (Zippered would be fab). It'd be nice if the inside pocket had slots for some hooks inside (like the ones you get for pens). My 2 cents. :)

peachygirl417 at yahoo dot com

JuliaA said...

are you on rav? it might be worthwhile to post to the contests forum here:

i think there's a giveaways/contest thread in the etsy shoppers group as well.


Reesa said...

I take the things you mentioned plus instructions for the project, a few pins (for stitch markers) a yarn needle, a pen and scrap paper (for keeping up with rows made and making any notes on changes) and a smaller needle (for tucking in yarn ends.)

A couple of pockets would be great on the bag. Personally I prefer pockets on the inside so in case anything falls out it falls inside the bag.

ikkinlala said...

I take yarn, needles, pattern, notebook and pencil, tape measure (or at least a ruler), row counter, yarn needle, scissors, and sometimes stitch markers. I like to have several small pockets, and I like to have them on the inside of the bag so that when I drop things they land in the bag.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Jennie said...

Well, for me, I almost always have several hooks, small scissors, and 4-5 types of yarn. I currently use a bag that only has one pocket, and it's a pain! I'd love to have a couple of pockets to put my smaller finished items in, say when I am in the car on a long trip. Great giveaway...I want to win!!!!!

Chelsey said...

yarn, hooks, scissors, and don't forget a pattern!!! I normally take a note book and pen as well so I can jot down where I left off or anything else I might need to keep track of. A snug outside pocket for a bottle of water (ie sigg bottle) would be handy to prevent it from tipping over and soaking everything in the event of a leak.
Thanks for the giveaway! mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

Rachel said...

Yarn, needle, scissors, patterns. also would love a pocket for my IPOD and cell phone. and a seperate pocket for a a water thermos.

sunswirlgirl at aol dot com

Marla said...

I take my yarn, hook, small folded scissors, yarn needle, my pattern, post-it notes to mark my place in the pattern, pencil (to write down what row I am on or jot little notes on the post-its for inspiration).
I think include a zipper pocket for the little items (I hate when they fall out of places). Make the bag tall or wide enough to fit a pattern book in it (even a larger book).

mhode79 at gmail dot com

Christy said...

I'm very new to crocheting, but an ideal craft bag would have lots of pockets or divided pockets so that everything has it's own space and is easy to find and get out. A pocket on the outside to throw a few items from my purse in would be great so I wouldn't have to carry two bags.


Donna said...

I do the same: yarn, scissors, tape measure and hook.