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Friday, November 21, 2008


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Yay, six of the EtsyFriends team members were featured on the front page today. Thanks to KaleidoscopeKorner for putting the blog together and pimping it so that admin would see it. So there are 2 different versions of this front page because some items sold and the alternates were added.

Congrats everyone.

Curator: KaleidoscopeKorner
Featured: dennisanderson, Jadedmind, Deebs, annwn, KrazyFashion, uncorked, sosorosey, ShySiren, hackberrystudio, catiesblue, CleanRinse, TweedleBee

Alternates Used: MVincent, EmbroideryStitches, fancy, sygnetcreations

You can find all of these great shops on Etsy


Mannie Vincent said...

YIPPIE! Thanks for making a post about this!

Kaleidoscope Korner said...

i just cant thank you all enough! im surrounded by wonderful creations and amazing creators and you all soo much!!!'ve been featured here...

i had to fill up the treasury cuz there were so many sales and of course this necklace fits perfectly!!!