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Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Sales

Well this weekend I had 2 "shows" in town here. The first was on Saturday the 27th at Gymnastiks Unlimited in Hudsonville, MI. I sold one of my therapy pads, to a mom with 2 kids in gymnastics.
Then on Sunday the 28th as usual I went to the Fulton Street Artisan Market. It was the last one of the season so I had a little sale going. Buy one Get one half off. I sold 2 therapy pads and one loot bag. YAY, I am getting sales YAY. lol

I have listed a few of my therapy pads on Etsy and hopefully I will sell some more there. I am having a hidden sale this week. No one else will know about it except for y'all that actually read my blog. I am extending the FSAM sale to Etsy. From today September 29th through October 6th at 6am est, all readers of my blog will get the BOGO sale. Buy one item for full price and get another of equal or lesser value for half price. Put in the notes to seller "BLOG SALE" and I will send you a revised invoice through paypal or I can just refund you. Just visit one of my shops MondrysYknotShop or YknotJewelryShop and buy, buy, buy.


Mannie Vincent said...

YAY for your sales! And YAY for having a secret blog sale!! XOX


TiLT said...
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TiLT said...

oops - I tried to edit, but deleted the post - sorry!
I was just saying...yeah to secret sales! An dthat I'd be in Hudsonville next weekend to watch mu son compete - marching band - will you be selling near there on the 4th? I'd love to stop in an check these out in person.

Jennifer said...

I will not be around Hudsonville again until 11-22-08 For the Lions club Holiday Craft Show. On 10-01-08 I will be at Metro Health Hospital.

The market was a weekly thing in Grand Rapids. It was every Sunday, but is now over for the season. Here is their blog...

Check back here often as I will list the places that I will be selling.

Dulce said...

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Debra said...

Yay for the sales!!! Great blog too.