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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Items in the YknotJewelryShop

I have been working hard busting my butt, trying to get ready for all of these shows that I have coming up in the next week and have made some awesome necklaces if I do say so myself. Take a look at all of my Celtic Knot jewelry. All of the necklaces shown below have an up-cycled earring for the pendant there is no other necklace like it. It is one of a kind.

Black and White Celtic Knot OOAK Satin Cord Necklace

Ocean Blue Wave Celtic Knot OOAK Necklace

Egyptian Sun OOAK Satin Celtic Knot Necklace

Green Apple Margarita Celtic Knot OOAK Satin Cord Necklace


Mannie Vincent said...

The Egyptian Sun necklace is GORGEOUS!!! Great work (:

xox ~ Mannie

The Ebon Swan said...

I make those Celtic knots too, when I get the time...they're so much fun to do! Yours are just absolutely stunning, I'm so very impressed!