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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday with Billy

Well, we started out our day with plans of going North to the Shrine of the Pines But for some goofy reason they are closed on Tuesday's. It is a very cool place to go just don't go on Tuesday.

So we decided to back track just a little and we went to the Pere Marquette boat launch and see what we could see.

Billy was watching my oldest son Chris goof off in the water.

Chris talked him into getting in. OMG Chris don't drop him he can't swim!!!!!!
And Billy safely on the rocks.

Then we decided to visit my Grandmother in Baldwin. A long time ago the area that she lives in was called Arrowhead Village. I don't think they call it that anymore cause now all of the streets have names instead of numbers. Anyway this is at the private lake for Village Members Only. We did stop and see grandma too but no pictures.

Before we left Baldwin, MI we had to stop for the World's Best Ice Cream. Jones Ice cream parlor has been around for ever. Well since 1942 anyway. the stupid tree was in the way.

As we were heading back home we saw these awesome wood carvings. The first one is a 2 headed dragon and the other is a beaver. LOL the name of the company was Beaver Tree Services. That is some very impressive work. Well we got home and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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