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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't forget about these awesome gifts!!!

These postcards that are made out of photos that you select, can be personalized with a saying on the front for an extra dollar. Would you like to have a custom listing? Contact me at MondrysYknotShop

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thatissocute said...

I have to say these are great postcards! I traded for a few custom sets on Etsy and just love how they turned out. I went through some of my old photos, scanned them and sent them through Etsy via a convo. They were done quickly and very professionally. Plus, there were some wonderful free goodies included in my package as well as a discount coupon for my next purchse.

I need to find some pictures my niece will enjoy and have postcards made up of those. Kids so love getting mail, don't they? And this is such a simple way to make their day.