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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Etsy Store for the week of 02/06/08 to 02/13/08 is SoSoRosey

The sosorosey mission is to bring handcrafted love into the hearts of all buyers!

Jen's Grandma Copeland taught her the fine art of crochet when she was 10, and she has been "hooked" ever since.

Crocheting with different materials and textures of string and yarn, and matching or combining them with strips of unique fabrics really gets her creative juices flowing!

Attention to detail (including an OCD-like perfectionism in every stitch!) is her specialty and can be seen in all of her work.

So check out SoSoRosey on Etsy today and pick up a really awesome piece of craftsmanship.

Here are a few of her items:

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Your shop is fantastic and I'm so happy that others are finding out about you as well! You are one of my very favorites!!! Hope your items fly off your pages!